Why Jennifer Lopez's Filter-Free Skincare Video Is Dividing the Internet

Inside Jennifer Lopez's 54th Birthday Party

Jennifer Lopez's latest beauty tutorial has people getting loud.

The multihyphenate recently celebrated turning 54 by sharing a filter-free video showcasing her skincare routine. And in true J.Lo fashion, she used several products from her eponymous line, including her serum and sunscreen-infused moisturizer, to help her achieve her signature glow.

"I just had a birthday and I feel better than ever," she gushed in an Instagram tutorial posted on Aug. 14. "This is me, bare-faced with no makeup."

The Hustlers actress reiterated that she wasn't tweaking or altering her face, adding, "There is no filter and no retouching on this video."

But despite pointing this out, the superstar's fans were divided in the comments section on whether or not to believe her. 

One Instagram user replied, "She looks fantastic. Younger than 54 but there is definitely a filter on that video. Or special lighting. I've seen other pictures of her and it looks different than this video. Not saying she doesn't look fabulous but this is a bit misleading."

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Another person expressed similar sentiments, writing, "Show yourself naturally, without filters. At 54 you are still young but your skin wouldn't be and look that young without any help. Stop misleading."

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Why Jennifer Lopez's Filter-Free Skincare Video Is Dividing the Internet

And while some fans were skeptical, others came to Jennifer's defense.

"You glow from the inside out!" someone noted, with another follower adding, "You are 54 years old and you are so natural and beautiful, it's natural for people to envy you and hate you."

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No matter where you stand, it's clear that the "Let's Get Loud" singer radiates beauty from the inside out. Last December, she revealed that the secret to her flawless skin was taking care of herself from within.คำพูดจาก เว็บสล็อตใหม่ล่าสุด

"You can put on all the makeup in the world," she said in a Vogue tutorial at the time, "[but] if you're unhappy, you're skin's not healthy, you're just going to look like you have a bunch of makeup on top of something that you can't cover up."

She added, "How you feel on the inside, how you take care of yourself, people see that."

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